The New Year’s festival is for youth, students and young adults from 13 years and up.

The festival is for you who want to join an epic celebration of the year that has passed + a whole new year! If you’re curious about Christianity, an about who Jesus is, this festival is for your. But it’s also for you who already know Jesus personally, and long to see more of his will, and experience more of his presence.

Så whether you know Jesus or not, you’re very welcome to the biggest highlight of the year!




Our dream is that Jesus will become an even greater part of the lives of young people in Norway, and that they will see his plan for both them and for the world.

Our dream is that you will hear and experience how much your heavenly Father loves you, and who he has created you to be, and that it will change your life forever.

We dream that you will get to meet great people that you can have deep, lasting friendship with, where you can be honest about who you are.

And in the middle of all of this: that you will have an incredibly fun festival and make memories for life!




For more than 15 years, the youth group in the church Kristent Fellesskap Bergen has had the honour of leading the planning and execution of a festival where young people can get to know Jesus and other fantastic youth, across home towns and age groups.

On an overall level, the New Year’s festival is arranged by Kristent Nettverk, which is a network of about 20 church in all of Norway, one of them being Kristent Fellesskap Bergen.

The festival is a cooperation between the different Kristent fellesskap-churches on the west coast of Norway. The festival team – at the core of the planning – is based in Bergen.

For more information about the churh in Bergen, see www.kfbergen.no. For more information on Kristent Nettverk, og to www.krinet.no.